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Supporting Concrete Contractors into the Future

The NZ Concrete Contractors Association (formerly NZ Master Concrete Placers Association) was formed in 1997 to provide a professional and specialised industry Association for the support, education, and promotion of the trade of Concrete Placers.

By doing so, the like-minded industry-associated individuals who formed the Association sought to heighten the reputation, set the standards, and encourage respect due for the skill, quality of work, and hard work required of a good concrete placer.

The goal of the NZCCA is to support and educate concrete contractors to produce consistently professional work of a high standard, thereby lifting the image and recognition of this vital and valuable construction industry trade. This is endeavoured by networking and informational opportunities at road-shows, annual conferences, website forum, emails, and industry contacts.  The ultimate goal of the NZCCA is recognition for quality concrete contractors throughout New Zealand, and the ensuing productivity for their businesses – and to assure their clients of professional work carried out by skilled NZ tradesmen.

For an Association to succeed for the benefit of all, which is it’s very purpose, then support and positive input, in their many forms, is required from all.

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