GPR Concrete Scanning Ltd

GPR Concrete Scanning Ltd

25 Carento Way, Stanmore Bay Auckland


Kayne Laughton

I have 15+ years in the concrete construction industry, starting my concrete construction career at 15 years of age as an apprentice working for an Auckland based concrete cutter.  Later on down the track I moved my attention to wanting to work on much larger projects, so moved to another company to teach me this, and it was there where I also discovered GPR Concrete Scanning. After being trained up by the best in the industry in detection services I was away! I gained my BCITO Qualification and also became the Works Supervisor for that company. After 15+ years of working for wages, I took all the experience and knowledge learnt throughout the years to start my own company, GPR Concrete Scanning Limited.

Concrete Scanning, Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling, We do it all!