The placing, compaction, finishing and curing are all part of the essential processes to achieve satisfactory performance of concrete.  Even with the smartest specifications and fancy concrete mix designs, the concrete will NOT achieve the required performance without the work of the placer and finisher.

The NZRMCA link below provides a handbook for Concrete Contractors which looks primarily at WHY you should do things and explain that in many cases failure to carry out the job properly means that you are breaking the legal requirements of the NZ Building Code.  In any subsequent failure of a concrete component, if it can be shown that faulty workmanship is a factor, you can be held liable.

NZRMCA Handbook for Concrete Placers

POSTERS 1-6 (Relating to sections of the handbook)

NZRMCA Bulletin Decorative Concrete Guidelines

Thank you to Concrete New Zealand – Ready Mixed Concrete Sector for permission to use their material.

The CCANZ leaflet, Coming Home to Concrete is copied below for your use and referral.

CCANZ – Coming Home to Concrete

The NZCCA Guidelines for Concrete Placement of Domestic Driveways can be downloaded below.

Guidelines for Concrete Placement of Domestic Driveways