Here we provide information and links to some Government websites helpful for industry-related information and regulations.

As part of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) goals of safer, healthier and more affordable homes and buildings, the purpose of the Government Building Performance website is to direct and support people to and through building processes to achieve compliance with the building regulatory environment.

The Building Performance website is divided into the following main sections:

  • Building, renovating and maintenance
  • Canterbury earthquake information
  • Weathertightness
  • Licensing

Below is a selection of resources from the Building Performance website that relate directly to NZCCA members and customers.


New consumer protection measures came into force on 1 January 2015.

In summary, these measures include;

  • Mandatory written contracts for residential building work costing $30,000 or more (including GST)
  • A requirement for building contractors to provide checklists and disclose certain information for residential building work $30,000 or more (including GST) or when they are asked for this
  • Minimum content that must be included in all residential building contracts
  • Clauses that are taken to be included in a residential building contract that does not contain all of the minimum content, or in a contract for work $30,000 or more (including GST) that is not in writing
  • Information that a building contractor must provide to their client after the building work is completed
  • Infringement fees of $500 for breaching the contract, disclosure or checklist requirements.

Several useful publications are:

Find out more information here – Building Performance


MBIE also administers the Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP) Scheme. The Scheme covers a range of trades such as carpenters and roofers, as well as concrete placers under the “foundations specialists” class.

LBPs have been assessed to be competent to carry out work essential to a residential building’s structure or weathertightness. Some NZCCA members are also registered under the LBP Scheme.

Find out more information here – Licensed Building Practitioners (


Schedule 1 of the Building Act details the type of work that does not require a building consent. It clarifies the types of building work that are exempt and who can carry out this work. In November 2013, Schedule 1 was amended to make the exemptions easier to use.

Find out more information here – Planning a successful build


WorkSafe NZ is New Zealand’s workplace Health and Safety regulator. They work closely with employers, employees and others to educate them about their workplace health and safety responsibilities, engage them in making changes that reduce the chances of harm, and enforce workplace Health & Safety legislation.

Find out more information here – WorkSafe


Site Safe assists construction businesses to improve their health and safety culture; to control hazards and reduce injuries.  Site Safe is membership based, not-for-profit, and their services cater to the entire construction and related industries. Their nationwide team of health and safety professionals offer safety systems, training, consultancy, audits, resources, information and more.

DISPUTES– Sometimes things do go wrong…

These links will take you to websites helpful in resolving disputes, and inform you of your rights regarding the various acts of New Zealand law to protect the consumer

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